The Family Business of Telluride Real Estate

Telluride Outside view

The Herrick Family has played a significant part in the success story of Telluride Real Estate over the last three decades. In 1995 the Telluride local Todd Herrick made his first big splash in the market with his their purchase of Telluride Outside back in 1995. After three years of building up this adventure tour guiding firm, the family bought a farm to act as a base camp for their growing adventure travel operation.

When the Herrick family arrived at Gunnison River Farm originally, there was little to recommend the property beyond the river and orchards laid out in rows. Otherwise the property was grass, dirt, broken fences, abandoned chicken coops, and some old farm equipment. Yet Todd Herrick had vision for the property that extended beyond a much needed base camp for the tour guide-led river rafting, fishing, and snowboarding and skiing guided activities. In only another two years from the purchase of the Gunnison River Farms, the Herrick family made the decision to sell Telluride Outside to focus intensively on improving the farm and spending more family time in the project and process.

Gunnison River Farms ColoradoThe family continued improving and developing the orchards at the Gunnison River Farms more aggressively after divesting themselves of the Telluride Outdoors adventure guiding company. Twenty years later, the changes to the property are simply unimaginable. The collective efforts of Todd, wife Jan, and three adult children have paid off with huge dividends. Nowadays they all live during the summers at the resort on Gunnison River Farms. The family also spends some of the fall and spring there getting away from the boring off season times of Telluride.

The transformation of the 1,000 acre farm is astonishing to behold.

It had taken the Ferganchick family a century to transform the land to a high-yielding peach orchard. Yet Todd and the Herricks moved the property forward over the last two decades continuously. Their fly fishing firm Black Canyon Anglers still draws in most of the visitors who come faithfully to fish.

black canyon fishing

In support of this highly successful multi-decade venture, they brought in six guest cabins. Three of these arrived from Pacerville’s one-time Blue Jay Cafe outside of Telluride. In addition, the property now boasts a dining room and common area called “the Cantina.” The farm has a “glamping” tent set over the river, their family home on site, and a guesthouse.

Another of their businesses sometimes associated with the family farms and resort is called Telluride Helitrax. This heli-skiing outfit enables skiers to reach remote places they would not otherwise be able to ski without the aid of helicopter transportation.

Yet these are only some of the many changes to the land at Gunnison River Farms. A verdant green pasture hosts a flock of sheep. Three irrigation ponds double as critical watering holes, swimming pools, and settings for paddle boarding. The ponds are ringed by 16 acres in apple, cherry, apricot, and peach orchards as well as hop yards.