Herrick’s Business Team

Ted the senior member of the Herrick clan and father of Todd lives year-round on the farm property. He spends his days pursuing his great passion of fishing there. The guest services are handled by Jan’s mother Roxanne who lives full time on the farm and assists with the many farm chores. The manager of this thriving farm is paternal aunt (to Todd) Kate Herrick. That’s the Todd Herrick Telluride family and business crew.

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To call this peaceful but busy oasis an only family affair though would be a gross misrepresentation. In the early years of running the farm, the Herrick family ran up against a painful reality. Their original dream to be peach orchard farmers was highly competitive. In particular, many other Colorado farmers over the years had entered the market and were all attempting to sell the bumper peach crops at precisely the same time. It explains their later realized need to diversity and to bring on some outside of the family talent and skills.